Commonly Used Terms

CBL = Central Bank of Liberia

LBR = Liberia Business Registry

LCAA = Liberia Civil Aviation Authority

LNBA = Liberia National Bar Association

LNIC = Liberia National Investment Commission

LICPA = Liberian Institute for Certified Public Accountants

LMA = Liberia Maritime Authority

LRA = Liberia Revenue Authority

LRC = Law Reform Commission of Liberia

LTA = Liberia Telecommunication Authority

MICAT = Ministry of Informartion, Cultural Affairs and Tourism

MOA = Ministry of Agriculture

MOCI = Ministry of Commerce and Industry

MOE = Ministry of Education

MOHSW = Ministry of Health and Social Welfare

MOJ = Ministry of Justice

MOL = Ministry of Labour

MOLME = Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy

MOT = Ministry of Transport

MPW = Ministry of Public Works

WBG = World Bank Group

WCO = World Customs Organization

WIPO = World Intellectual Property Organization

WTO = World Trade Organization

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