Business Inspections

The MoCI Division of Inspectorate is responsible for inspections of businesses to monitor compliance and ensure that businesses comply and abide by the laws and regulations governing commerce and trade within the Republic of Liberia. General and Technical Businesses are inspected for the following:

  • Current and valid business registration and license to operate;
  • Display of certificate of registration and license to operate at place of business;
  • Price tagging of commodities;
  • Expiry date of goods, and withdrawal from sale of expired products;
  • Adequate storage facilities (warehouse and retail outlets) for fresh and frozen products;
  • English labeling requirement;
  • Accuracy of weights and scales
  • Temperature controls of cold storage facilities and refrigerated products

The current inspection procedures incorporate checklists, inspections order, inspection notices and a clear notification to the public of the sectors that will be inspected. The Ministry has also introduced inspection guides under four key areas (Weights and Measures, Industry Inspections, Food and Safety, GMP, and Warehousing). These inspection guides are meant to identify and develop the capacity of technical inspectors. Once the inspection is completed, the business will be provided with a copy of the inspection findings.  If a violation is found as per the inspections fines and fees schedule, a fine is assessed. The inspector does not have the authority to issue fines on site.  Inspection findings and fees can be appealed.


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