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The National Social Security and Welfare Corporation (NASSCORP) is the nationally authorized body for social security and welfare issues in Liberia. To obtain a social security number, an employer must make a formal request to NASSCORP, indicated its number of employees with other personnel details.  Following a review of the request, NASSCORP issues the Employee Registration Form, also known as Form 2. This form requires basic information about the employees and their dependents and it requires attached one color passport size photo. When the form is completed by the employee it is return to the employer who sends it to NASSCORP nearest regional office in Liberia for processing. NASSCORP will then assign a 9-digit Social Security Number, produce an ID card for the employee and send the card to the employee through the employer.

The insurance coverage of NASSCORP is administered through three (3) different schemes namely: the Employment Injury Scheme; National Pension Scheme; and the Welfare Scheme.

The Employment injury scheme protects all employees who are employed by any employer employing one or more employees. It excludes domestic servants, casual workers, members of the employer’s family, members of the national security forces, etc. The contribution is paid only by the employer. Employees do not pay contributions. The rate of contribution is 1.75% of the gross monthly earnings of the employee.

The National Pension scheme covers all employees who are working in Liberia (or abroad for Liberian employer) for an employer who has five (5) or more employees. However, the scheme does not cover the following persons: person born before September 1, 1929, person under the age of 16 or above the age of 65, persons who earn less than L$50.00 monthly from a job, wives working for husbands (or vice versa) and members of the national security forces, etc. The total rate of contribution is 6% of the gross monthly earnings of each employee, but each employee contributes 3%, while the employer contributes the balance 3% on his/her behalf.

Employees who are not Liberians but they are working in Liberia have the same rights and obligations, under the National Pension Scheme and their contributions must be paid in respect of them. But upon their permanent departure from Liberia, they can apply for refund of all the contributions that they paid. Alternatively, they can leave their contributions in the scheme and at age 60 receive a pension in their country. Every employee (Liberian or Foreigner) who is a member of the social security program has a social security number. It is important to indicate that Liberia only apply the Employment Injury scheme and the National Pension Scheme.

For detail regarding national social security issues in Liberia, you may visit the NASSCORP website: www.nasscorp.gov.lr or email nasscorp@nasscorp.org.lr .


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