Commitments to Foreign Service Providers

Liberia has, as a member of the WTO, made commitments to service providers of other member states with regards to Market Access and National Treatment. Liberia is in this regard bound to an open trade regime and has made commitments in 102 out of 160 sub-sectors. This is to be compared to the original members of the WTO, where the LDC:s made commitments in 20 sub-sectors on average. For more information on the specific commitments please consult the sector specific information on this website or the full schedule of commitments available here.

Full commitments

Partial commitments

No commitments

* Professional services (minus legal and accounting)

* Business services (computer services, R&D, real estate, advertising, market research, management consulting, services incidental to manufacturing, translation)

* Educational services

* Environmental services

* Hospital services

* Recreational, cultural and sporting services

* Legal services

* Accounting

* Business services (services incidental to mining, maintenance and repair)

* Courier services

* Telecommunications

* Audivisual services

* Construction services

* Distribution services

* Financial services

* Travel and tourism services

* Maritime and internal waterways transport

* Road transport

* Services auxiliary to transport

* Business services (others)

* Postal services

* Rail transport

* Air transport

* Space transport

* Pipeline transport

Plus horizontal restricitons

- Land ownership

- Subsidies, taxes etc.

- Training requirements



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