Land Ownership

Land ownership in Liberia is reserved to Liberian citizens, but foreigners can benefit from long-term leases. Article 22 of the Constitution of Liberia provides that “every person shall have the right to own property alone as well as in association with others; provided that only Liberian citizens shall have the right to own real property within the Republic”.  Foreign “missionary, education and benevolent institutions” are allowed to own property provided that it is used for their altruist purposes. Foreign citizens or companies may not therefore own land for commercial purposes.  Foreigners, however, can access land through leases. The Property Law allows foreigners, subject to certain conditions, to lease land for periods between 20 and 50years, which can be renewed. In the case of concessions on undeveloped land, leases of up to 65 years may be available.

More information is available here at the website of National Investment Commission.

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