Certification of Land Transport Businesses

This certification process is required for the following businesses (certification fee in parenthesis)

1. Vehicle Dealership

1a. New (US$ 2500)

1b. Used (US$ 1000)

2. Auto Parts Dealership

2a. Small (US$ 100)

2b. Medium (US$ 150)

2c. Large (US$ 200)

3. Motorcycle Dealership (US$ 500)

4. Tires Dealership

4a. Small (US$ 100)

4b. Medium (US$ 150)

4c. Large (US$ 200)

5. Bicycle Dealership (US$ 200)

6. Heavy Equipment Dealership (US$ 3500)

7. Vehicle Rental (US$ 200)

8. Service Garage

a. Small (US$ 100)

b. Medium (US$ 150)

c. Large (US$ 300)

9. Heavy Equipment Rental (US$ 300)

10. Bus Service (US$ 200)

11. Parking Lot Service (US$ 200)

12. Train Service (US$ 1000)

13. Transport Union (US$ 200)

14. Freight Service (US$ 200)

15. Taxi Service (US$ 200)

16. Logistic Service (US$ 200)

17. Car Washing Service (US$ 100)

18. Tricycle Dealership (US$ 500)

19. Tyres Repair Shop

20. Driving School Operation (US$ 200)

21. Inter States Transportation (US$ 200)

22. Travel Permit (US$ 100)

23. Transport Service

24. Tricycle Union

25. Motorcycle Union

26. Transport Company (US$ 200)

27. Bus union

28. Taxi Union

Requirements for Eligibility Certification (Step-by-Step Guide)

  1. Applicants must have business registration certificate or business registration form and payment receipt from LBR
  2. If the entity is a Corporation, articles of incorporation must be attached.
  3. Used cars dealer must be a Liberian, must be proven by passport or birth certificate.
  4. An application form must be filled in (available here).
  5. An inspection is required to ensure that the information provided on the application form is factual and that the entity is in compliance with the ministry of transports requirements and guidelines.
  6. Upon completion of the requirements above, a bill is issued for payment of fee and the certificate is processed immediately for prompt delivery.

Old businesses

Applicant must bring old certificate and payment receipt for the processing of the new eligibility certificate.

Guidelines and Forms

You can find the Licensing Guidelines here.

You can find the Licensing Fees here.

You can find the Licensing Form here.


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