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All individuals, groups or organization (local or International) engaging or wishing to engage in the establishment and subsequent operation of tourist related activities must adhere to the policy guidelines governing the tourism sector in Liberia.

Registration and issuance of Permit

In accordance with the policy guidelines, the Ministry of Information, Culture Affaires and Tourism requires potential and bona fide individuals and investors, wishing to establish and operate tourist related entities within the territorial confines of the Republic of Liberia, to official register annually with the Bureau of Tourism beginning with the first week of January and obtain certification upon registration with the ministry of commerce and the Ministry of Finance. The permit is renewable on an annual basis and may be denied due to lack of compliance or revoke for breach guidelines as set forth by the Ministry. Registration form and guidelines can be obtained here. A license is required for the following tourism entities: airlines, travel agencies, tour operators, hotels, guest houses, inns, camp ground, restaurants fast food, coffee shop, entertainment centers, night clubs, bars, beaches, souvenir/gift shops, park and garden/ zoo, transpotation (land and SEA), and all tourist attraction sites. 

See below for the full guidelines where you can find more information on additional requirements, including fees, publication, staffing, conventional classification etc.

Step by step registration

  1. Complete the registration form available below.
  2. Inspectors will visit your establishment to inspect and verify the information that was provided in the form.
  3. Following inspector’s visit you will receive a bill from the Bureau of Tourism (MICAT).
  4. Obtain a manager check from preferred bank written to the order of GOL revenue account.
  5. Take manager check to the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) window at the Finance Ministry where you will receive a flag receipt.
  6. Submit a copy of your flag receipt to the Bureau and obtain your registration certificate

Guidelines and Forms

The Liberian Tourism Guidelines are available here.

The Form for Licensing of Beaches is available here.

The Form for Licensing of Hotels, Motels, Inns and Guest Houses is available here.


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