Obtaining a Construction Permit

The following requirements need to be fulfilled to obtain a construction permit in Liberia:

General requirements

  1. Drawing cover sheet indicating
  • Project title
  • Location (physical site) of the project
  • Name, address, and two (2) contact numbers for the applicant.
  • Applicant relationship to property (e. g., owner, lessee, etc.)
  • Provide name, address and phone number of the firm/ architect/ engineer/ designer who gave final approval of the project drawing.NOTE: No Set of Drawings will be accepted without the signature and stamp of a Licensed Architect.
  1. Drawings
  2. Plot Plan/ Site Plan
  3. Foundation Plan/ details
  4. Floor Plan
  5. Structural / Details
  6. Sections/Details
  7. Elevations
  8. Schedules
  9. Roof Plan/ Details
  10. Electrical Plan/ Details
  11. Plumbing Plan/ Details
  12. List all of the sheets that go into the drawing package.

Specific Requirements

Land Use Requirement (5 days)

  • Deed or lease agreement (including legal description) for the property that is being developed.
  • Site plan
  • Description of the existing design or structure, if any.
  • Coordinate with zoning for site visitation and approval. Client must be on site during the zoning inspection.
  • Document indicating specific land use for approval.
  • At least two (2) photocopies of the original set of drawings to the office of the Assistant Minister for Technical Services. Minimum paper size of 17” * 11.5” or 297 x 420 mm.
  • Contact information
  • Prove contact information for designer, draftsman etc. Including name, telephone number and address.
  • Fill out the application form

Architecture Requirement & Review (5 days)

  • Automated(CAD or related software)
  • Aerial location of the proposed site by google earth or related software
  • Terrain drainage
  • Roadway and right of way
  • Adjourning properties
  • Foundation details
  • Roof plan details
  • Several sections details
  • Doors and windows
  • For detailed information on Architectural requirement visit the Ministry of Public Works web page.

Structural & Mechanical Requirement (3 days)

  • Structural calculation for story buildings and porch slab.
  • Calculation requirement:
  • State structural code use
  • Slab analysis
  • Beam analysis
  • Column analysis
  • Footing analysis
  • Retaining and basement walls analysis
  • Placement of re-bars according to the design and workability
  • Soil test result is require for structures more than two story  building or above
  • Wind load for high rise building

Electrical/ Mechanical Requirements (2 days)

  • Load center diagram or panel board schedule showing the load distribution within the building including the following;
  • Number of circuits
  • Size of conductors
  • Size of protection devices including fuses or breakers
  • Power supply source
  • For additional information please see MPW webpage

Final approval is done by the Deputy Minister for Technical Services


Fees Per Square Foot:

  • Commercial Buildings (US$0.05)
  • Residential Buildings (US$0.01)

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